Tier 2 Resources

When implemented with fidelity, the majority of students will respond to the Tier 1 level of support. However, in some settings some students may continue to have difficulty exhibiting appropriate behaviors. These students may require additional academic and/or behavioral supports. Tier 2 interventions provide a secondary layer of supports that can help many of these students to find success in school.

Brief Summary of Tier 2

MO SW-PBS has identified a small number of standard protocol Tier 2 interventions that are designed for small groups of students and address the functions of behavior that often contribute to challenging behaviors. MO SW-PBS provides standardized training for teams that meet readiness requirements to assist them as they develop and implement these  Tier 2 interventions. Finally, MO SW-PBS has developed a Tier 2 Workbook and supporting resources to support teams that are participating in MO SW-PBS regional Tier 2 training. The entire workbook is available below. Chapters and supporting resources are available on the pages related to specific topics under the Tier 2 Resources menu, at left.

Tier 2 Workbook

Tier 2 Workbook (2016-2017)

Tier 2 Components

  1. Foundations
  2. Tier 2 Leadership
  3. Student Identification
  4. Selecting Function Based Interventions, Monitoring Student Progress, and Interpreting Data for Decisions
  5. Check-In, Check-Out
  6. Social Skills  Intervention Groups
  7. Check and Connect © Administrator’s  Overview (Contact your regional consultant for training)
  8. Self-Monitoring
  9. The Adapted First Step Next Program © (Contact your regional consultant for training)
  10. Effective  Professional Learning
  11. Tiered Fidelity Inventory
  12. Tier 2 Action Planning

Tier 2 Data Collection Schedule

MO SW-PBS Data Schedule 16-17

Please contact the Tier 2 Consultant who works with your region for more information  regarding regional training.