It will difficult for Tier 3 supports to be efficient or durable if the foundation of Tier 1 and 2 is not solid. Before moving forward with the development of Tier 3 practices, schools should review data to consider the extent to which Tier 1 and 2 is in place.

  • Schoolwide Evaluation Tool (SET) Score of 80/80 OR Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) with 70% or higher on Tier 1; the Tier 2 Subscale has been completed
  • Self-Assessment Survey (SAS)/Effective Behavior Support Survey (EBS) results indicate current status of 80% or more features in place for:
    • Schoolwide Systems
    • Nonclassroom Setting Systems
    • Classroom Systems.
  • Office Referral Data (ODR) indicate 80% of students in the 0-1 referral range.
  • Data demonstrates reduction in classroom minor referrals over at least a one year period.
  • Consistent use of schoolwide data for making decisions as evidenced by monthly Big 5 data reports.
  • Documentation of:
    • Standard system for identifying students for Tier 2 supports
    • Process to identify function of behavior and match intervention to the function
    • At least one research-based small-group and/or targeted behavioral intervention is fully implemented.
    • If only one is fully implemented, the second intervention has been piloted and plans are in place
    • for full implementation.
    • Staff has received training for implementation of interventions
    • Use individual student data for making decisions about when to continue, intensify, change, or fade intervention.
    • Family members are informed of the Tier 2 process and regularly updated about child’s progress.
  • Administrator and core group of staff who will serve on Tier 3 team.
    • At least one member with behavioral expertise
    • At least one member with academic expertise
    • Crossover membership for Tier 2 team
    • Access to district level support

Download a full copy of the MO SW-PBS Tier 3 Readiness Indicators