Much of the success of Tier 2 hinges on the foundation that has been laid in Tier 1, including implementation of effective classroom practices. Before moving forward with the development of Tier 2 practices, schools should review Tier 1 data to consider the extent to which schoolwide systems and Tier 1 practices are in place.

  • SET score of 80/80 OR TFI score of 80% or higher
  • SAS Schoolwide 80% or higher
  • SAS Non-Classroom 80% or higher
  • SAS Classroom 80% or higher
  • 80% or more students in the 0-1 ODR range or within national range for school’s grade levels.
  • Consistent use of schoolwide data for making decisions as evidenced by monthly Big 5 Data Reports.
  • System in place to collect classroom minor referrals.
  • Tier 2 team includes administrator, crossover member, behavioral expertise or desire to develop, academic expertise.
  • Effective Classroom Practices taught to all staff and evident in all classrooms.
  • Access to district level support

Download a full copy of the MO SW-PBS Tier 2 Readiness Indicators