The purpose of the MO SW-PBS school recognition is three-fold: first, reviewing the criteria affords schools and districts the opportunity to accurately self-reflect on their progress implementing and sustaining SW-PBS; second, the process identifies exemplar schools representing all grade configurations and demographic patterns; and finally, it affords the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education an opportunity to recognize those schools that have met the criteria in appreciation of their progress.

Criteria are based on effective implementation of the essential components outlined by the OSEP Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support.The bar is purposefully set high for a school to achieve any one of these criteria. Typically, it is a two to three year process for a school to achieve bronze, an additional two to three year process to achieve silver, and an additional two to three year  to achieve gold. The number of years it takes to achieve each is lengthy because it involves true systems change, sustaining that change each year, and implementing processes to support students and staff across multiple indicators at all three tiers of prevention and intervention.  Some of the state’s most successful schools have taken a year to prepare and plan with their staff before implementing directly with students.


There are three levels of recognition that reflect the tier at which the school is implementing. These are:

Bronze: Recognizing schools that implement with high quality at the universal (Tier 1) level 

Silver: Recognizing schools that implement with high quality at the universal (Tier 1) and targeted (Tier 2) levels

Gold: Recognizing schools that implement with high quality at the universal (Tier 1), targeted (Tier 2) and intensive (Tier 3) levels 

Application Process

This video will guide you through the application process for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level Recognition

Recognition Checklist of Items to be Submitted

Successful applicants will demonstrate superior performance in the following areas:
  1. Use of data to direct instruction, problem solving and intervention efforts
  2. Active use of creative and engaging recognition systems
  3. Implementation of SW-PBS throughout the school environment
  4. Systemic orientation of new students, parents and staff throughout the year
  5. Active instruction for social and behavioral skills
  • Complete the application linked below. Submit the application to no later than April 15, 2016
  • All additional materials must be completed and submitted by mail or electronically to your Regional SWPBS Consultant no later than April 15, 2016.
  • Materials regularly submitted to consultant do not need to be copied, inserted, or submitted as artifacts.
  • Notification of the award will be made by May 10, 2016.

The MO SW-PBS Recognition  Application will be available for download between January 1 and April 15.

You will need to be ready with an electronic signature to complete the application form.

Download the Recognition Checklist to review the recognition artifacts that your tier level teams have been submitting to your MO SW-PBS consultant for formative input throughout the year.

Below find links to resources that you may find of assistance as you write your brief narrative paragraphs for the recognition application.

1. Systems


Tier 1 > 

Communication Planning Pages 82-83

Tier 2 >

Communication Planning Pages 64-66

Tier 3 >

Communication Planning Page 28


2. Data

2.A. Ongoing Monitoring

Post per day per month and triangle data graphics

2.B. PBIS APPS (You will need your login information!)

Ongoing Monitoring

2.C. Evidence of Improved Outcomes

3. Ongoing Monitoring >



Teaching Expected Behaviors

Encouraging Expected Behavior 

Discouraging Inappropriate Behaviors

4. Unique Features > Can include but are not limited to: 

Student Engagement

Staff Engagement

Family & Community Engagement

Systems and Communication / Social Media



Restorative Justice

Trauma Informed / Student Mental Health