Exemplar Schools


The purpose of the MO SW-PBS school recognitions is two-fold.  First, reviewing the criteria affords schools and districts the opportunity to accurately self-reflect on their progress implementing and sustaining SW-PBS.  Second, it affords the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education an opportunity to recognize those schools that have met the criteria in appreciation of their progress.

The bar is purposefully set high for a school to achieve any one of these criteria. Typically, it is a two to four year process for a school to achieve bronze, a three to six year process to achieve silver, and a five to eight year process to achieve gold. The number of years it takes to achieve each is lengthy because it involves true systems change, sustaining that change each year, and implementing processes to support students and staff across multiple indicators at all three tiers of prevention and intervention.  Some of the state’s most successful schools have taken a year to prepare and plan with their staff before implementing directly with students.

MO SW-PBS Recognition Program Application & Checklist for 2013-2014

Intervention Essential Features - for Silver Level Recognition Application

FBA/BIP Rubric – for Gold Level Recognition Application

2014 Exemplar Schools

Three hundred and thirty-five Missouri schools were recognized for effective and comprehensive implementation at the ninth annual School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Summer Training Institute (STI) – Making Connections MO SW-PBS, Multi-Tiered Support Systems and Student Success beginning June 11, 2014. The STI was held at Tan-Tar-A, Lake Ozark, Missouri. More than 1,2500 educators attended the training. Press notice from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  A letter of recognition was sent to Recognition Schools from Margie Vandeven, Deputy Commissioner Division of Learning Services, and Stephen Barr, Ed.D., Assistant Commissioner, Office of Special Education.

The training institute was sponsored by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the University of Missouri Center for Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports. Training was provided to school district personnel on a variety of research-based strategies to use with all students to establish and maintain school environments that support the academic and social behavioral success of all.  In addition, a variety of sessions regarding proven strategies for prevention and intervention of problem behavior were included.   National, international and Missouri experts led the sessions.  Keynote speaker was Dr. George Sugai Director, Center for Behavioral Education & Research (CBER). Co-Director, Center of Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports. Professor, Special Education. Carole J. Neag Endowed Chair University of Connecticut

MO SW-PBS provides a link to websites of individual exemplar schools if they include information related to their implementation of SW-PBS.   The content of the individual websites is at the discretion of the schools creating them.

Here are the archives of past MO SW-PBS Recognition Schools: