Each year, MO SW-PBS asks partner schools to submit student outcomes for the schoolyear just ended. When reviewed alongside implementation fidelity data, this gives school leaders a window into the effectiveness of their implementation. The window for submitting this data is May 6 through June 28. To make it as easy as possible for our partner schools, we have developed three ways for you to submit this data. The first is by completing your application for state recognition. This information will be uploaded, and all you need to do is to check for accuracy or gaps. The second is for you to follow a link that will be sent to all team members at the school, and enter the information directly into our data system. We recommend that you enter do-not-reply@oseda.missouri.edu to your email contacts to avoid this link going to spam. Finally, you can complete the form downloaded from SOD form and email to moswpbs@missouri.edu. Regardless of how you submit the student outcome data, an end of year report will be immediately available from the system once the data has been entered. If you use the link to enter the data, you will be able to download the report yourself. Otherwise, your regional consultant can pull the report and send to you. We appreciate your continuing partnership with MO SW-PBS, and your ongoing commitment to positive outcomes for Missouri’s students!