11. Tiered Fidelity Inventory

TFI_Overview_6-30-2016 from Missouri SW-PBS on Vimeo.

Component Purpose

The Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) is a new survey from  PBIS Assessments. It is intended to take the place of the Benchmarks of Advanced Tiers (BAT) and the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ), as well as a number of other surveys that MO SW-PBS schools do not take. The video above provides an overview of the TFI, and where it will fit  into the MO SW-PBS training. Below are links to narrated powerpoints that are intended to  assist teams in taking each of the subscales (Tier 1, Tier  2, and Tier 3) of  the TFI. In addition, there are links to download copies of  the TFI scoring guide and the TFI walkthrough form. Finally, Chapter 10 of the Tier 2 Workbook provides more  detailed explanations of the TFI, its purpose, and what it means for Missouri SW-PBS schools. The resources on this page are intended to supplement MO SW-PBS regional Tier 2 training.

Component Outcomes

  • Describe the TFI, what it measures, and the rationale
  • Understand MO SW-PBS Protocol for taking the TFI;
  • Complete the TFI to self-assess the implementation status of Tier 1 (universals), Tier 2 (secondary, targeted) behavior support systems and Tier 3 (tertiary, intensive) behavior support systems for the levels at which you have trained and/or are implementing;
  • Create or update action plan that addresses needs identified by the TFI.

Modules for Taking TFI Subscales

Part 2.1: TFI Tier 1 Scale Completion (2016)

Part 2.2: TFI Tier2 Scale Completion (2016)

Part 2.3: TFI Tier 3 Scale Completion (2016)

Workbook Chapter

Tier 2 Ch. 11: The Tiered Fidelity Inventory (2016)


T2 Ch. 11_Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) (2016)

T2 Ch. 11_TFI Walkthrough Tool Interview and Observation Form (2016)


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