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1. High School DPR

Pause & Reflect #1
  • Will facilitators and students review data weekly or twice per month? 
  • When during the daily schedule will reviews take place? 
  • How will facilitators access all the data for review?
Pause & Reflect #2

Start Video at 6:48

  • How will you be able to incorporate a study skills and homework/assignment support class into your master schedule?
  • Will students participate in the class for a fixed amount of time (i.e. quarter or semester) or will they be able to come and go based on their CICO participation?
  • If your master schedule cannot accommodate a study skills class, what other options are available to support students (i.e., before school or after school club format, breakfast meetings, etc.)?
Pause & Reflect #3

Start Video at 10:46

  • Will your school target primarily freshmen and sophomores for CICO?
  • What data will you need from previous schools to help identify students who are potentially at-risk?

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