6. Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior

Component Purpose:

School staff need standard procedures for responding to inappropriate student behavior. Such standard procedures help staff avoid overreacting to inappropriate behaviors, avoid necessary exclusion of  students from the learning environment, add an instructional component to address inappropriate behavior, and create predictable environments for students.

Component Outcomes:

  • Explain to others the role of teaching in response to student social errors.
  • Define for your school what constitutes a “major” or office-managed behavior that warrants an office referral.
  • Develop an office referral form with all essential data fields, and clarify procedures surrounding the use of office referrals.
  • Use respectful strategies for staff-managed “minor” inappropriate behavior.
  • Demonstrate instructional strategies for responding to inappropriate behavior.
  • Develop a process to monitor minor student behavior and guide discipline decisions.
  • Develop an effective system or continuum of supports to address the full range of inappropriate behaviors.

Workbook Chapter

Tier 1 Workbook Ch. 6: Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior (2016)


T1 Ch. 6_High School Office Discipline Referral Form (2016)
T1 Ch. 6_Elementary Office Discipline Referral Form (2016)

T1 Ch. 6_Continuum of Support for Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior (2016)

T1 Ch. 6_Behavior Intensity Levels (2016)

T1 Ch. 6_A-B-C Blank Template (2016)

T1 Ch. 6_Preschool Office Behavioral Report (2016)

T1 Ch. 6_Office-Managed Behaviors (2016)

T1 Ch. 6_Minor Infractions Log (2016)

T1 Ch. 6_Minor Inappropriate Behaviors (2016)


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