Getting Started & Continuing

First Steps

  1. Attend a SW-PBS overview held by a Regional Professional Development Center
  2. Secure school and district administrator agreement.
  3. Secure commitment & agreement to implement from at least 80% of staff.
  4. Establish a SW-PBS leadership team at your school.
  5. Conduct an assessment of the current schoolwide discipline system.
  6. Submit a completed HO-1 2017-2018 New School Application to your regional consultant

What Next?

Once a school or district has made the commitment to implement SW-PBS, teams are trained through a series of state and regional workshops. Team members who are trained are expected to lead staff in the creation of the SW-PBS systems at the school, and to build capacity among staff members to implement SW-PBS with fidelity. 

Typically a school will use the first year to participate in training, review current school processes, and prepare for full-scale implementation the following school year. In succeeding years additional training will be provided to assist schools’ progress and to provide technical support.

For more Information

Contact your Regional Professional Development Center and ask for the SW-PBS Regional Consultant. Or you can visit our Personnel page to find a SW-PBS consultant in  your region.

Thank you for your interest and best of luck as you create safe and effective learning environments for students in your students.

Links to Applications and Team Information Forms

HO-1 2017-2018 New School Application

2017-2018 School Reconfirmation Packet

New Team Information Form 2015-2016