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Administrators support SW-PBS through prioritizing SW-PBS as an improvement goal, actively participating in school/district SW-PBS Leadership Teams, publicly supporting SW-PBS through communication and action and behaviors, providing resources to support SW-PBS activities, dedicating time to SW-PBS professional development activities, and supporting the decisions of the SW-PBS Leadership Team.

  • Make SW-PBS a priority school improvement goal.
  • Write SW-PBS into school policy.
  • Model SW-PBS practices.
  • Incorporate SW-PBS practices into staff evaluation and walk-throughs.
  • Provide support/training for all staff in building.
  • Provide feedback to staff on their use of SW-PBS practices.
  • Provide financial support and time for SW-PBS team and activities.
  • Acknowledge the use of SW-PBS practices by staff
  • Establish a representative team including teacher leaders, support staff, etc.
  • Recruit and support the SW-PBS Coach.
  • Prioritize time for SW-PBS team meetings.
  • Acknowledge efforts of SW-PBS Team.
  • State frequent and public support for SW-PBS with all staff, parents and students.
  • Make SW-PBS a standard faculty meeting agenda item.
  • Provide ongoing information about building SW-PBS goals and activities all stakeholders.
  • Communicate the expectation that teachers teach and recognize social skills lessons.
  • Communicate the expectation that aligned rules and expectations are posted in all locations.
  • Support the establishment of systems for providing tangible recognition tied to specific positive feedback to students who follow the expectations.
  • Support teachers in using the building process for addressing behavior violations.
  • Establish a data collection & reporting procedures that provides complete and accurate student behavior information.
  • Regularly use data for decision-making.