3. Tier 3 Core and Action Teams

Component Purpose

Tier 3 cannot be implemented with fidelity or efficiency without a foundational system of team-based problem solving and data-based decision making. Crone and Horner (2003) recommend a two-tiered model for behavior support teams. The first tier is the “Core Team” and the second tier is an “Action Team” that is individualized for each identified student.

  • The Core Team is a stable team that is responsible for developing the Tier 3 system and assigning Action Team members
  • Action Teams are flexible groupings formed for each student in order to conduct the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), develop the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), and monitor implementation fidelity and outcomes for the individual student.

The resources on this  page are intended to supplement Tier 3 training with your regional consultant as you develop the systems that support effective Tier  3 teaming.

Component Outcomes

  • Establish your Tier 3 Core Team:
    • Responsibilities
    • Team members, roles, and responsibilities
    • Calendar of meeting dates
    • System for eliciting Action Team participation
    • Standard meeting format
  • Establish your Tier 3 Action Teams:
    • Responsibilities
    • Calendar of meeting dates
    • System to ensure family participation
    • Standard meeting format
  • Determine a method for assessing effectiveness and efficiency of team meetings


Tier 3 Workbook Ch. 3: Tier 3 Core and Action teams (2016)


T3 Ch. 3_Tier 3 Core Team Agenda, Minutes and Problem-Solving Action Plan Form (2016)

T3 Ch. 3_Tier 3 Action Team Agenda, Minutes and Problem-Solving Action Plan Form (2016)

T3 Ch. 3_Questions to Consider When Assessing Effectiveness and Efficiency of Tier 3 Core Action Team Meetings (2016)


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