11. Tier 3 Action Planning

Component Purpose

Action Plans are useful because they give teams a framework for thinking about how they will efficiently complete a task or project, and they provide a mechanism for the team to hold themselves accountable for completing agreed upon action steps. Action Plans help teams finish activities in a sensible order, and they ensure that key steps are not overlooked. It is recommended that reviewing the Tier 3 Action Plan is a standard, ongoing agenda item for the Tier 3 Core Team.
The Tier 3 Action Plan aligns with MO SW-PBS Tier 3 training and includes essential goals and steps/activities to create a Tier 3 system of support and to implement that system with fidelity. Tier 3 teams may supplement the action plan with additional goals and steps/activities based upComponent Outcomeson individual needs. The resources on this page are intended to supplement MO SW-PBS training provided by a regional Tier 3 consultant.

Action Plan Goals

  • Assess Readiness for Tier 3
  • Establish a Tier 3 Core Team
  • Establish Tier 3 Action Teams
  • Identifying Students for Tier 3 Support
  • Establish a System of Support for Individual Students: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
  • Establish a System of Support for Individual Students: Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)
  • Develop a System for Providing Ongoing Professional Development
  • Regularly Monitor Tier 3 Implementation Status

Workbook Chapter

Tier 3 Workbook Ch. 11: Tier 3 Action Planning (2016)


 Ch. 11_Tier 3 Action Plan (15-16)


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