7. Monitoring Student Progress

Component Purpose

Monitoring student progress is an essential component of any behavior plan. Progress monitoring provides crucial information as to whether the student is making adequate response to the intervention. This information is used by teams to make decisions  regarding whether to persist with an intervention, to modify an intervention, or  to begin fading an intervention. The  resources on this page are intended to supplement standard MO SW-PBS training provided by a regional Tier 3 consultant.   

Component Outcomes

  • Determine method to be used to monitor individual students progress in the BIP (permanent products, Daily Progress Report/self-monitoring, observational data).
  • Collect baseline data to determine approximate rate or severity of behavior.
  • Use data for decision making.

Workbook Chapter

Tier 3 Workbook Ch. 7: Monitoring Student Progress (2016)


T3 Ch. 7_Duration Recording Form (2016)

T3 Ch. 7_Interval Recording Form (2016)

T3 Ch. 7_Event Recording Form (2016)



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