5. Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Component Purpose

Behavior is a form of communication; unfortunately, some students learn that problem behavior is the most efficient and effective method for them to communicate their needs. If a student repeatedly engages in problem behavior, he/she is most likely doing it because the behavior is functional or serves a purpose. In order to develop and  implement effective Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), the team must match the plan to the function served by the problem behavior. Therefore, it is critical that teams develop the capacity to accurately assess the function of the problem behavior. The resources on this page are intended  to supplement MO SW-PBS regional training with a Tier 3 Consultant.

Component Outcomes

  • Identify defining features of functional behavior assessment (FBA) from current best practice.
  • Apply a team-based problem solving process to efficiently conduct a functional behavior assessment that results in the development of a statement that summarizes the context, ABCs & hypothesizes a function of the behavior.

Workbook Chapter

Tier 3 Workbook Ch. 5: Functional Behavior Assessment (2016)


T3 Ch. 5_Adapted Functional Assessment Checklist for Teachers & Staff (A&B) (2016)

T3 Ch. 5_A B C Observation Form (2016)

T3 Ch. 5_Functional Behavior Assessment Teacher Staff Interview (2016)

T3 Ch. 5_FBA Family and Student Interview (2016)


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