3. Student Identification

Component Purpose

A clearly defined identification process is a necessary component to a Tier 2 system. This process allows for early identification of students who are at-risk, thereby decreasing the likelihood of academic failure and poor outcomes and minimizing the impact of risk. By providing preventative support early, the need for more intensive support is reduced.

Multiple strategies can be used to identify students for Tier 2 supports. No single method is likely to identify all students who may need Tier 2 intervention, so it is recommended that schools select and use multiple techniques. The identification methods selected should be efficient in terms of cost and time requirements from school personnel.

The resources on this page are intended to supplement MO SW-PBS regional Tier 2 training.

Component Outcomes

  • Develop a process that includes a minimum of two data sources to accurately identify students with internalizing and/or externalizing social, emotional or behavioral risk factors.

Workbook Chapter


T2 Ch. 3_Existing School Data Inventory Template (2016)

T2 Ch. 3_Universal Screening Considerations (2016)

T2 Ch. 3_Teacher Nomination for Assistance (2016)

T2 Ch. 3_Student Identification Plan Template (2016)

T2 Ch. 3_Parent Notification Letter for Universal Screening (2016)


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