2. Tier 2 Leadership

Component Purpose

Administrative and team leadership is essential for the development and implementation of effective and efficient systems required to identify students in need of additional behavioral support, and to provide these students with appropriate interventions. The resources on this page are intended to supplement MO SW-PBS regional Tier 2 training.

Component Outcomes

  • Affirm administrative commitment for moving forward in the next phase of SW-PBS development, Tier 2 system and practices.
  • Establish a Tier 2 Team to make decisions about students receiving Tier 2 supports.
  • Develop the Tier 2 team to include adequate membership for completing action plan items as well as crossover membership and/or a communication plan that informs the Tier 1 team of the status of Tier 2 supports.
  • Delineate specific roles for each member of the Tier 2 Team and divide work responsibilities.
  • Use a standardized meeting agenda to promote efficiency during meeting times.
  • Systematically communicate applicable information and receive feedback from stakeholders.
  • Evaluate existing systems of support for addressing emotional and behavioral needs of students in your building and reallocate resources, if needed, to develop an effective Tier 2 system.

Workbook Chapter

Tier 2 Ch. 2: Leadership (2016)


T2 Ch. 2_Meeting Agenda, Minutes and Problem-Solving Action Plan Form Template (2016)

T2 Ch. 2_Working Smarter Template – Tier 2 Team (2016)

T2 Ch. 2_SW-PBS Tier 2 Team Meeting Agenda Template (2016)

T2 Ch. 2_Schedule of Meeting Dates & Times Template (2016)


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