5. Check-In, Check-Out

Component Purpose

Check-In, Check-Out (CICO) is a standard protocol Tier 2 intervention that is effective at improving behavior among students for whom the function of behavior is  to gain adult attention. It utilizes adult attention and feedback to support students in changing behavior. This component will help teams develop systems and practices required to successfully implement CICO with students. The resources on this page are intended to supplement MO SW-PBS regional Tier 2 training.

Component Outcomes

  • Identify five implementation components of CICO.
  • Describe students who are most likely to benefit from the CICO intervention.
  • Tell main findings of research associated with the CICO program.
  • Design and implement a CICO program that is contextually relevant for your students and school but adheres to implementation of critical features.
  • Deliver implementation training according to audience needs (i.e., full staff, participating teachers, students, and families).
  • Determine how student data will be collected and graphed.
  • Monitor progress and make decisions for students who participate in a Social Skills Intervention Group.
  • Create a process for fading intervention supports.
  • Determine criteria for exiting the intervention.

Workbook Chapter

Tier 2 Ch. 5: Check-In, Check-Out (2016)


T2 Ch. 5_Estimated Time for Coordinator & Facilitator Tasks (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Daily Progress Report (DPR) Examples (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_CICO Review (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Check-In, Check-Out Intervention Essential Features Example (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Check-In, Check-Out Intervention Development Checklist (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Check-In, Check-Out Fading Process Flowchart (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_ABC Daily Point Card (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_ABC Daily Homework Tracker (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Teacher Check-In, Check-Out Social Validity Questionnaire (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Responsibilities Associated with the Check-In, Check-Out Intervention (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Parent Permission for Check-In, Check-Out and Parent Notification Letter (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Monitoring Fidelity of Implementation Oberservation Checklist (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Monitoring Fidelity of Implementation DPR Review Template (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Intervention Graph (Percent) Template (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Intensification Daily Progress Report (DPR) Examples (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Implementation Script – Parent (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Implementation Script – Facilitator (2016)

T2 Ch. 5_Implementation Script – Classroom Teacher (2016)


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