Professional Learning

Teacher listening to students at an adult education class

A major goal of SW-PBS is to create consistent, predictable environments across all school settings. For this to happen, staff must have a common philosophy and  approach to student discipline. The resources on  this page are designed to assist teams in  building the capacity of staff to implement the practices of SW-PBS, in  order to create such a consistent and predictable learning environment for students.

Component Outcomes

  • Describe the components of effective professional learning and apply them to your system for providing professional learningCreate a professional learning calendar
  • Establish a system for updating staff
  • Develop a Tier 1 Staff Handbook

Workbook Chapter

Tier 1 Workbook Ch. 9: Professional Learning (2016)


T1 Ch. 9_GROW Model Coaching Template (2016)

T1 Ch. 9_GROW Model Coaching Questions (2016)

T1 Ch. 9_Checklist for High Quality Professional Development Training (2016)

T1 Ch. 9_Tier 1 Positive Behavior Support Staff Handbook Organizer (2016)

T1 Ch. 9_School-Based Implementation Fidelity Checklist (2016)


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