7. Ongoing Monitoring

Component Purpose:

The efficient and effective collection and use of data is key to successful implementation of SW-PBS. Data is used to make important  decisions that target adult actions to student needs. It is used to monitor student outcomes and implementation. Finally, data is used to help schools “tell their story,” thereby promoting their efforts and the positive outcomes achieved  for  their  students.

The resources on this page are intended to supplement MO SW-PBS regional Tier 1 training. 

Component Outcomes: 

  • Determine what data is important to collect and analyze.
  • Develop effective and efficient systems to collect, monitor, and analyze implementation and outcome data.
  • Develop an effective process to analyze data and use this analysis for decision making.
  • Develop systems to regularly share data summaries with stakeholders.
  • Use a data system for collecting, analyzing and reporting office discipline referrals (ODRs) in a Big 5 format.
  • Create a system for monitoring frequent minor misbehavior to facilitate planning, teaching, and intervention efforts.
  • Lead staff reviews of the Big 5 data report at least monthly and make decisions based on that data.
  • Complete and discuss the PBIS Assessments (e.g., Self-Assessment Survey, School Safety Survey, etc.) to monitor and guide development and implementation.
  • Monitor routine implementation through observations, walkthroughs, informal surveys, interviews, etc., to provide ongoing feedback and support to staff as they make needed modifications to their practices.
  • Develop a system for annually collecting, reviewing and reporting the MO SW-PBS School Outcome Data factors (e.g. ODRs by IEP, proportion of students meeting Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 decision rules, state academic assessments, special education eligibility, assistance referrals, etc.).

Workbook Chapter

Tier 1 Workbook Ch. 7: Ongoing Monitoring (2016)


T1 Ch. 7_Schoolwide Evaluation Tool Directions and Decision Making (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_School Safety Survey Protocol (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_School Safety Survey Directions and Decision Making (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Risk and Protection Cards for SSS (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Missouri Middle School Big 5 ODR Report (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Missouri Data Based Decision Making Model (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Data Collection At-A-Glance (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Blank Solution Plan (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Tiered Fidelity Inventory (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Tiered Fidelity Inventory Protocol (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Tier 1–Universal Supports Data Collection, Reporting, Analysis and Action Planning (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Self-Assessment Survey Protocol (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_Self-Assessment Survey Directions and Decision Making (2016)

T1 Ch. 7_School-wide Evaluation Tool Protocol (2016)




Data Collection Tool for PC 2016-2017 (10-4-2016)

New! Data_Collection_Tool_for_Macs_9-26-2016

EC Data Collection Tool for PC (10-4-2016)

Cost of ODRs Template (15-16)

Data Collection Schedule 16-17

MO SW-PBS 2016-17 T1-T3 Data Schedule (5-19-2016)

Data Modules

DBDM/Solution Plan: Using Big 5 Data to Address Schoolwide Behavior Problems (2015)

PBIS Assessment Tutorials


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