Student, Family, & Community

Families are important members of the school communities. When schools and families work together toward their common goal of helping all children to be successful, it is much more likely to happen. Families have valuable insights and information about how their children learn best and what types of environmental supports are helpful to them.

School personnel can help families know how to support their children at home in learning and growing in both academic and social/behavioral skills. SW-PBS schools find various ways to update families on a regular basis about their activities, lessons, projects and celebrations. They encourage family members to volunteer in the schools and to serve on their SW-PBS teams. If your children’s schools are implementing SW-PBS, look for information in their newsletters, websites, handbooks and weekly folders.

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Parents and Community Can Play Key Roles in School Success

Resources For Families:

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Below are some state and national websites that may be helpful to families: Parents & Families