5. Encouraging Expected Behaviors

Component Purpose: 

Students need specific positive feedback and reinforcement in order to learn and maintain appropriate behavior. Leadership teams can aid the acquisition and maintenance of appropriate behavior by developing and implementing systems that encourage all adults to provide all students with high rates of specific positive feedback for  appropriate behavior.

The resources on this page are intended to supplement MO SW-PBS regional Tier 1 training. 

Component Outcomes: 

  • Understand and explain to others the importance and impact of both contingent and non-contingent attention on student behavior and school climate.
  • Use preferred adult behaviors to build relationships and positive school climate and effectively interact with students when talking about behavior.
  • Demonstrate specific positive feedback that specifically describes behavior and uses rationales.
  • Develop a tangible reinforcement system to enhance your use of specific positive feedback.
  • Develop and implement an effective menu or continuum of positive reinforcement that serves to motivate all students across settings.
  • Monitor staff’s use of encouragement strategies with students.

Workbook Chapter

Tier 1 Workbook Ch. 5: Encouraging Expected Behavior (2016)


T1 Ch. 5_A Menu of Reinforcers (2016)

T1 Ch. 5_Frequency and Type of Student Interactions (2016)

T1 Ch. 5_Blank Continuum of Schoolwide Procedures for Encouraging Social Behavior (2016)


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