3. Clarifying Expected Behavior

Component Purpose: 

SW-PBS schools identify 3-5 broad expectations and define these expectations  with specific behaviors in schoolwide, non-classroom, and classroom settings. This helps to provide staff  with  a common and consistent language. More importantly, by identifying what students must do to meet these behavior expectations, clarifying expected behaviors provides consistency and  predictability in  all school settings.

The resources on this page are intended to supplement MO SW-PBS regional Tier 1 training. 

Component Outcomes: 

  • Select three to five schoolwide expectations that define success for all students and are applicable in all settings (e.g., respectful, cooperative, safe, kind).
  • Create a matrix of specific behaviors/rules to further clarify each schoolwide expectation for every setting.
  • Determine procedures for each of the school’s non-classroom settings (e.g., arrival / departure, hallways, cafeteria, recess, restrooms, assemblies, etc.).
  • Ensure teachers have clarified behaviors/rules and procedures (e.g., arrival, small group, independent seatwork, etc.) to identify success in their classrooms that align with schoolwide expectations.

Workbook Chapter

Tier 1 Workbook Ch. 3: Clarifying Expected Behavior (2016)


T1 Ch. 3_Example Elementary Matrix (2016)

T1 Ch. 3_Discussion Notes to Engage Staff (2016)

T1 Ch. 3_Determining Weighted Vote (2016)

T1 Ch. 3_Considerations for Classroom Procedures (2016)

T1 Ch. 3_Blank Matrix (2016)

T1 Ch. 3_Some Valued Behaviors and Attitudes (2016)

T1 Ch. 3_Example Preschool Matrix (2016)

T1 Ch. 3_Example High School Matrix (2016)


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