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Ignite 1

Administration Theme: Are you an administrator? Join other administrators here for quick presentations and networking time.

1. Are You Using Twitter?

Presenter: Michael Auer, Regional SW-PBS Consultant, Hook Center for Education Renewal

2. Social Media

Presenter: Beth Houf, Principal, Fulton Middle School, Fulton #58 School District

3. Social Media

Presenter: Chris Hubbuch, Principal, Excelsior Middle School, Excelsior Springs 40 School District

4. Social Media

Presenter: Kevin Lowery, Principal, Lebanon High School, Lebanon R-III School District

5. Alternatives to Suspension

Presenter: Gordon Way, Web and Data Consultant, MO SW-PBS

Ignite 2

Alternative Schools: If you would like to hear from alternative schools implementing SW-PBS, this is the session for you!

1. Outside-the-Box Thinking

Presenter: Susan James, Principal, Beacon School, Joplin Schools

2. In a School District Far, Far Away

Presenter: Deb Lyons, Tier 2/3 Consultant, MO SW-PBS

3. Encouraging and Discouraging Behaviors

Presenter: Debbie Young, Principal, North Central Regional Middle School, Moberly School District

Ignite 3

Classroom Management: Attend this Ignite Session for effective classroom practices you can use tomorrow.

1. Effective Classroom Practices

Presenter: Katie Andreasen, Instructional Coach, Brookfield Middle School, Brookfield R-III School District

2. Classroom Observations

Presenter: Linda Bradley, Research Assistant, MU Center for SW-PBS

3. Specific Positive Feedback

Presenter: Danielle Starkey, Research Associate, MU Center for SW-PBS

Ignite 4

Early Childhood: This session provides tips and tricks related to early childhood.

1. Apps for Early Childhood

Presenter: Jo Ann Anderson, Tier 2/3 Consultant, MO SW-PBS

2. MO SW-PBS in the Early Childhood Setting:

Tips, Tricks, Tips and Tools of the Trade

Presenter: Susanna Hill, Tier 2/3 Consultant,


3. First Step Next

Presenter: Karin Leveke, Tier 2/3 Consultant,


4. Family Involvement

Presenter: Jennifer Wallis, Family Support Facilitator, Don Earl Early Childhood, Fox C-6 School District

Ignite 5

Secondary: Do you work in a secondary setting? Hear from other secondary SW-PBS implementers here!

1. Redesigned Secondary Recognition System

Presenter: Jenni Ehrett, Teacher, Madison C-3 High School, Madison C-3 School District

2. Staff Buy-In

Presenter: Dr. Terry Robinson, Principal, Mexico High School, Mexico 59 School District

3. Involving Students

Presenter: Brenda Cook, Teacher, Raytown South High School, Raytown C-2 School District

Ignite 6

Student Engagement: Need tips on how to engage students? Get ideas and network with others here.

1. Community Service

Presenter: Amy Hawley, Principal, Proctor Elementary School, Independence 30 School District

2. Plugging Into Technology

Presenter: Amber Martin, Counselor, Ozark North Elementary School, Ozark R-VI School District

3. Whole Brain

Presenter: Randi Jo Miller, Teacher, Ozark North Elementary School, Ozark R-VI School District

4. Rebecca Boone Elementary Trading Post

Presenter: Dr. Cheri Oliver, Principal, Rebecca Boone Elementary, Warren County R-III School District

Ignite 7

Tiers 2/3: Is your school implementing SW-PBS at Tier 2 and 3 levels? This is the session for you!

1. Second Step

Presenter: Mallory Brown, Teacher, Mexico Middle School, Mexico #59 School District

2. Check-In, Check-Out

Presenter: Julie Peterman, Counselor, Wyman Elementary, Rolla 31 School District


Presenter: Joe Davis, Assistant Principal, Bush Elementary School, Fulton 58 School District

4. Are Your FBAs and BIPs High Quality? Here’s How You Can Find Out!

Presenter: Diane Feeley, Tier 2/3 Consultant,