Effective Classroom Practice

The goal of effective classroom management is not creating “perfect” children, but providing the perfect environment for enhancing their growth, using research-based strategies that guide students toward increasingly responsible and motivated behavior.

~ Sprick, Knight, Reinke & McKale, 2006 

 Introduction to The Effective Classroom Practices

The Effective Classroom Practices offer research based strategies for increasing instructional time and student engagement. Missouri SW-PBS has created modules to assist teachers as they learn these  strategies.


15-16 Tier 1 Ch. 8: Effective Classroom Practices

Effective Classroom Practice Planning Tools


Effective Classroom Practices Training Materials

1. Classroom Expectations (Content Acquisition Podcast) Training Video and Module
2. Classroom Procedures and Routines (Content Acquisition Podcast) Training Video and Module
3. Classroom Encouraging Expected Behaviors (Content Acquisition Podcast) Training Video and Module

4. Classroom Discouraging Inappropriate Behaviors Part 1 (Content Acquisition Podcast)

Part 2 (Content Acquisition Podcast)

Training Video and Module
5. Classroom  Active Supervision (Content Acquisition Podcast) Training Module
6. Classroom Opportunities to Respond (Content Acquisition Podcast) Training Module
7. Classroom Activity Sequencing and Choice (Content Acquisition Podcast) Training Module
8. Classroom Task Difficulty (Content Acquisition Podcast) Training Module



Progress Monitoring of Effective Classroom Practice:

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