Bully Prevention

Experts are more frequently referring to a positive school climate as they address prevention of bully behavior. Research from national organizations (e.g., COPS, US Department of Justice), state centers (e.g., Missouri Center for Safe Schools) and well known bully prevention voices (Olweus, Senn), reveal certain common features for establishing such a positive school climate:

Awake awareness

School wide approach

Clearly defined rules and consequences

Positive connection between staff and students

Consistent effort of intervention and prevention

Provide teachers with effect classroom management training

Administration commitment

Teaching problem solving process

Take student reports seriously

District support

Create a ‘belonging’ culture

However, in a  research brief by Sugai, Horner and Algozzine (2011), the challenge is not knowing what bullying prevention looks like, but  how to implement a systemic framework through which these strategies might prevent the development and occurrences of violent behavior for all students. Learn more about this systems perspective on bully prevention in Reducing the Effectiveness of Bullying Behavior in Schools .

Articles, Materials and Reviews

PBIS National Center Co-Directors Rob Horner and George Sugai  have been instrumental in developing two bully prevention  programs that integrate into SWPBS systems:

Stop, Talk , Walk  is created for Elementary schools and

Expect Respect is  geared toward middle schools.

Reducing the Effectiveness of Bullying Behavior in Schools by Sugai, Horner, & Algozine (2011). The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of how  school-wide positive behavioralinterventions and supports(PBIS) can be used  as a framework for improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of practices to prevent school violence and bullying behavior, in particular.


Bully_Prevention Positive Behavior Support – Presentation by Rob Horner and Scott Ross at the 2011 PBIS Implementer’s Chicago Forum.

Integrating Bully Prevention within Positive Behavior Support-Presentation by Rob Horner and George Sugai at the 2011 PBIS Implementer’s Chicago Forum.

Website Resources:

 http://www.stopbullying.gov/–  Federal Government website. Contains information on federal and state laws and policies. It also has videos, resource materials and updates.

www.bullynoway.com.au  – Australia’s website. Good information and lots of printable, teacher friendly lesson plans that are age appropriate from k-12.

www.stopbullyingworld.org   – Excellent resource materials. Contains an impressive list of articles and websites.