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The Top 10 by 20, a major improvement effort of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, includes the following Goal: “All Missouri children will enter kindergarten prepared to be successful in school.” Programwide Positive Behavior Support, or PW-PBS, implementation can be a step toward reaching this goal!

While the 8 Essential Components of SW-PBS are the same regardless of the ages of the children served, how these components are put in practice will look different in an Early Childhood setting.

Tool Description
EC1.0 Example EC Incident Form
EC1.1 Example EC Incident Form
EC1.2 Example EC Incident Form
EC1.3 Example EC Incident Form
Samples of Behavior Incident Report forms that can be used to collect classroom behavioral data.
EC2.0 Adapted EC SET The Adapted EC SET is designed to assess and evaluate the critical features of program-wide effective behavior support across each academic school year.
EC3.0 Early Childhood Data Collection Tool 17-18 The Early Childhood Data Collection Tool contains all of the indicators as the original Data  Collection Tool, but with additional fields added that will be helpful for data analysis at the Early Childhood level.
EC4.0 Designing a Behavior Incident Reporting System A guide for EC teams to use when building a data collection system for their setting.
EC5.0 EC Self-Assessment Survey The Early Childhood Self-Assessment Survey was developed to assess the behavioral support strategies used in classrooms and the level of available program support to assist in supporting students with challenging behavior.
EC6.0 EC Universal Support Checklist The Universal Support Checklist provides a systematic process for PW-PBS Leadership Teams to use for documenting progress of Tier 1 implementation.
EC7.0 Example EC Flow Chart Example of a major/minor flow chart for an EC setting.