Tier 1 Workbook – Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs)

2014-2015 Tier 1 Workbook Resources

•  14-15 Example K-8 Big-5 Data Report (228)
•  14-15 K-8 Big-5 National Norms, 2010-2011 (230 – with National Statistics Applied)
•  14-15 Example Primary Problem Statement (240-241)
See pages 224-254 of the Tier 1 Workbook for a thorough discussion of the logic behind and use of office discipline referrals (ODRs) reports for dialog and decision-making.

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Other Resources:

Schoolwide Information Systems (SWIS) : an online office discipline referral information system developed and support by PBIS National Center. SWIS reports provide schools with reports on the Schoolwide Big 5 ODR components (who, what, when, where, and schoolwide average per day per month), as well as allowing a SW-PBS LEadership Tea to dig deeper.

Big 5 Generator : an excel file that allows for SW-PBS Leadership Teams to enter aggregated ODR data from their district/school data system for graphic reporting purposes. This tool allows teams to generate the Big 5 Reports suggested by PBIS National Center (Per Day Per Month, Location, Problem Behavior, Time, and By Student)

The Big 5 Generator also has the Per Day Per Month and Triangle Generators included. You can download the Big 5 Generator and only use these tools.  these extra tools allow SW-PBS Leadership Teams to use PBIS National Center Statistics from SWIS to create metrics or graphs for a school  of comparable size and grade level designation. These metrics provide a context for discussion on the school’s ODR data. The PBIS National Center statistics from SWIS always run 1 year behind, with previous year stats serving as a benchmark for the current year.  (see pages 227 to 228 for a more detailed explanation)

14-15 Data Collection Tool (DCT) excel file with “SWIS like” functionality. This tool can allow SW-PBS Leadership Teams to generate a Big 5 Report.

DCT Part 1 Video  DCT Part 2 Video DCT Part 3 Video


Cost of ODRs Template (15-16): an excel file that allows a SW-PBS Leadership Team to calculate the cost of ODRs in terms of lost instructional time.lost administrative time and teacher and administrative funding. (see pages 241 to 243 for a more detailed explanation)

Archival Resources 12-13 Tier 1 Workbook

• Example Big 5 ODR Report Without National Statistics (page 222)
• Example Big 5 ODR Report with National Statistics (page 225)
Big 5 ODR Problem Statement Template (page 235)